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Culture eats Training for breakfast

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I work in a tech company. It's a very fast moving culture, change is constant; products are being launched, internal policies are changing, team priorities are shifting constantly.

As a learning consultant, it can be difficult to conduct a thorough needs assessment and design appropriate learning interventions, by the time the training is due to launch, the needs of the learners have changed, and the training you've spent so long creating is now scrap.

One thing that remains relatively stable, however, is the company culture, the companies perception of learning and the learning culture in teams.

Do what you can to understand this culture so that you can pinpoint elements that promote or inhibit learning transfer. Take steps to improve the learning culture of your company rather than shovel another training on the scrap-heap.


About Fergal:

Fergal is a learning transfer expert who shares his evidence-based learning transfer approaches with the learning community. Fergal holds an MSc in Education and Training, and a BSc in Psychology. Contact Fergal for speaking engagements, writing opportunities, or learning transfer consultancy by visiting



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