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The message a manager send to their employees about learning influences the employees in many ways. Use this guide to prime your learners manager to support transfer. 

Setting goals is a powerful motivational tool. Use this template to help your learners identify What, Why, Where and When they will use what they learned in training.

The time period after a transfer is the best time to transfer learning. Ensure the learners manager is aware of how influential they are in this area and what they can do to support transfer.

Use this template to tie your learning interventions to the goals of the business to increase buy-in and accountability.

Get your learners motivated to learn by showcasing the great parts of your training, what their peers thought of the training, and the level of expertise of your SME/facilitator. 

Add this training module to the end of your sessions to focus learners minds on what they need to do differently when the training ends.

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